April and May 2015

The UPPOW Board would like to congratulate Lyna Fu and Elena Inouye on being selected as the UPPOW April Members of the Month and Kristi Hargrove for being chosen as May Member of the Month!

Lyna and Elena are second year student pharmacists who have shown a commitment to UPPOW by participating in numerous events this year, particularly the UPPOW Auction. Lyna and Elena stepped up and volunteered their time and effort to help make the Auction a huge success this year! Way to go!

Kristi is also a second year student pharmacist who has been an active participant in UPPOW and UWSOP activites and events. Specifically, Kristi has helped further the ASHP Shadowing Program by assisting in reaching out to different hospitals to help acquire a broader scope of potential shadowing sites for students. Kristi has been an asset in furthering professional development for students and continues to be role model for all student pharmacists!

Congratulations Elena, Lyna, and Kristi! You deserve it!

March 2015

The UPPOW Executive Board would like to congratulate our March Member of the Month: John Howard! John is a first year student pharmacist who has made a name for himself during his first year at UWSOP. He has been working hard on his professional development and networking on a local, state, and national level by attending multiple conferences such as the APhA-ASP Midyear Regional Meeting (MRM) in October and the APhA-ASP Annual Meeting and Exposition in late March. By displaying a passion for pharmacy policy and volunteering to represent UWSOP as a delegate at these meetings, John has received recognition from the UPPOW Board, as well as his peers, and is already well on his way to a successful career as a student pharmacist and PharmD candidate. Congratulations John and keep up the good work!

February 2015
Congratulations to Susan Pham on being awarded UPPOW's February Member of the Month! Susan is a first year student pharmacist who has been quite active with UPPOW since beginning school last September. Recently, she has been instrumental in the planning of the UPPOW Auction, which will take place next month in April. Susan has been able to take on important tasks such as documenting minutes at the Auction Committee meetings, contacting vendors, and distributing and selling tickets to her class. She has also shared great ideas during the meetings that have shaped the Auction as well. The UPPOW Executive Board has surely recognized her constant willingness to help, novel insight, and professional conduct and would like to commend her for her achievements. Thank you Susan and congratulations!

January 2015
On behalf of the UPPOW Executive Board, it is our pleasure to award Brenna Lindsey-Swecker, Phoebe Stracener, and Heather Tilley as our UPPOW January Co-Members of the Month! Brenna, Phoebe, and Heather were instrumental in ensuring the success of UW's Pharmacy Legislative Day in Olympia. They worked hard to finalize and set up appointments with legislators and attended meetings to provide a strong voice for all UW student pharmacists! Without their constant offers to help and assist in any way they could, Pharmacy Legislative Day would not nearly have had the same results as it did, where UW had its largest turnout ever! Thank you for all your hard work and giving us all an example of how student pharmacists can work to enact change and advocate for our profession!

December 2014

UPPOW would like to congratulate Nathanael Bate, our December Member of the Month! Nathanael is a second-year student pharmacist and has clearly shown his penchant for professional development during his time at UWSOP. He has participated in a variety of activities and events, including the APhA-ASP Midyear Regional Meeting (MRM) in October, where students can network and work on their leadership development, as well as attend educational programming meetings. Through this, Nathanael was elected a spectacular leadership position and is now one of three regional officers in our region! Nathanael has also just returned from our nation's capitol where he represented our region at the APhA-ASP January business meeting. The UPPOW Board is proud to have a student pharmacist like Nathanael representing our organization and pharmacy school and hopes he continues serving as a role model for pharmacy students across the country.

October and November 2014
The UPPOW Executive Board would like to recognize our Members of the Month for October and November: Brian Nguyen and Amanda Popek!

Brian, as a first-year student pharmacist, has actively participated in many of the opportunities presented to him during his first quarter in pharmacy school. He represented UWSOP at the WSPA Annual Meeting and jumped at the opportunity to work on his professional development and networking. He was also able to participate in multiple talks from different leaders in the various fields of pharmacy and gain unique insight to the current state of pharmacy and other important topics.He also was a part of WSPA and APhA's Policies and Pitchers, where students gathered to discuss important issues involving the pharmacy profession and the potential impact these issues can have on our community. The Board is proud to have Brian as a member and hopes that he continues to develop as a student pharmacist, advance our profession, and serve as a role model for other first-year students. 

Amanda, a second-year student pharmacist, has had a strong presence during her time at the UWSOP. She has played an important role in Operation Heart, where student pharmacists play a significant role in the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease in the community. Through community outreach, public awareness events, and providing patient-specific education on cardiovascular risk factors, Amanda has helped empower patients to prevent cardiovascular disease before it develops and to take control of their own health! Amanda has also been active during IPSF and SNPhA's HIV/AIDS awareness week, where students promoted AIDS awareness to the public, as well as other students. During this week, Amanda was able to help IPSF and SNPhA create a hugely successful human red ribbon and raise over $100 in red ribbon keychain sales. Her hard work and effort has not gone unnoticed by the Board and recognition is certainly due for this young and upcoming student pharmacist. 

Fourth Year Member of the Year- 2014
UPPOW is excited to announce Christopher Foley '14 as UPPOW Fourth-Year Member of the Year. Even with his busy rotation schedule, Chris has managed to participate in a number of UPPOW events, including the ADA Diabetes Expo 2014, Residency Mock Interviews, and Residency / Post-Graduate Roundtable. Over the course of the year he also found time to attend WSPA Annual Conference and ASHP Midyear in Orlando, FL, and is set to volunteer at the Northwest Pharmacy Convention at the end of May. Additionally, Chris volunteered as a driver for Pharmacy Legislative Day and helped educate our state legislators on bills effecting pharmacy practice and patient care. Having worked with Chris on the UPPOW Board, we wholeheartedly believe he deserves this honor. Congratulations to Chris for his great acheivements this year, and we are excited to see what the future holds for him as a PGY-1 Resident.
April 2014

UPPOW is happy to announce Nick Larned '17 as UPPOW Member of the Month for April 2014! Nick has taken an active role on the ASHP Committee, helping to plan and implement Pharmacist Shadowing Sessions for our members. During his Spring Break, he visited hospital sites and performed practice-runs of the student shadowing experience. He diligently worked with these institutions, ensuring that theseshadowing session met the needs of UWSOP students. In addition to his work with ASHP, Nick has regularly attended general meetings and showed off his social side at the UPPOW Back 2 School BBQ. More recently, he has taken an active interest in his professional development, and has registered to attend the Northwest Pharmacy Convention at the end of May. The UPPOW Board is very impressed with what Nick has been able to do over the course of this year and we are grateful for the wonderful example he has set for our membership.